Please note that the interactive activities require at least version 9 of the Adobe Flash Player to be installed in your browser. You can get this for free from, although on a school network, you may need to ask your technician to do this if it is not already installed.

Occasionally, your school firewall may be set up to block Flash activities. This is sometimes done to prevent students playing innappropriate games during school time. However, it is usually possible to block these selectively whilst still keeping accessible. It may help to add as a 'safe' or 'trusted' site in your filter or firewall security settings. Again, your technician should be consulted about this, although in some cases, you may need to ask your authority if they handle your filter or broadband connection directly.

The Flash activities are embedded into this site via a helper script called SWFObject. If you have Flash installed and the activities still do not show, it may be that JavaScript is disabled in your browser, or the file swfobject.js is being blocked by your filter. Ensure that JavaScript is enabled, and if the activities still do not appear, check that swfobject.js is not being blocked in any way.